Smoke-Milled Moon

Northeast Washington is ablaze. Fires are currently burning, with little or no containment, near Curlew, Arden and Republic. Another large blaze burns in the state’s southeast corner near Dayton. These wildfires are producing large plumes of smoke, brazing the skies throughout Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho.

Moon, Venus and smoke.

 The added pollutants produce spectacular sunsets, eerie twilights and unique photographic opportunities. The other night, during a near-full moon, the haze mutated into an alien landscape. Below are some frames from that night, as well as others from recent smoke-filled evenings.


Moon through smoke and maples.

Shy moon.

Cotton candy sunset.

More smoke, more maples.

Western sky.

Smoke-milled moon.

To the East.

Indigo end.


2 thoughts on “Smoke-Milled Moon

  1. BnJ says:

    Beautiful—–enjoy the haze days , if not the watery eyes, etc. Over here we’d like some wet stuff falling to feel more normally clammy and ready for the long dark ahead, but we can wait, through pumpkin days turkey days,wandering spider days ,Cougar whacking days, and whatever——– no white stuff days wanted however—–Sammamish duo—-


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