61 Extracted Words – The Tease – January 2020

I write flash fiction, non-fiction, essays and novels. This month’s Tease is from a work in progress, inspired by Tao Te Ching # 27.


The phlegmatic man silently pondered … if teaching continues, so must learning, correct? And if the good are to teach and the bad to learn, then who will teach the good so their learning continues as well? And then he came to the same conclusion he always did while brushing his teeth and searching for his essence in the bathroom mirror . Man’s objective truths are just God’s subjective truths, and therefore, all of science was simply God changing his mind. And then he had a very good laugh, just as he often did when looking in the mirror.

Around the World Without Leaving My Blog – 2019

My year in blogging – in color.   

The following is a cloud I created containing all the names of countries from which someone viewed my blog during the last year. Larger fonts represent nations with more numerous visits, smaller fonts represent those with less. Outside of the expected visits from my own U.S.A, the bulk of visits originated from Northern Europe and Southern Asia. And a happy hello to the three newcomers that arrived – Nepal, Japan and the Dominican Republic.

As always, my thanks to every visitor, near and far.


                                                                                                 Philippines  Norway

                            Australia   United Kingdom

                                                                                                              Turkey Argentina

                                      Finland  Hong Kong  Romania

                                                    Russia  Croatia  France  South Korea

                              United States

                                   Bulgaria  Greece  Cambodia  Germany

                                                                                                  Sweden Mexico

                                           India   Canada

                                     Portugal    Dominican Republic     

                                                                                        Thailand  Czech Republic  Nepal

                                                                Japan Pakistan Ukraine

67 Extracted Words – The Tease – December 2019

I write flash fiction, non-fiction, essays and novels. This month’s Tease is from a work in progress.

The steel wind cut above the cobblestones, raking the old woman’s hair across her creased cheeks. She sat on the jumbled rocks of the square, as fractured in pattern as the morality espoused by the cathedral they fronted. Three nuns in habits looked past her bent frame and extended hand, as if the crowd deserved more attention than her shaking fingers. Somewhere someone sang ’tis the season …

Rhine River Part V – Best of the Rest

Our last edition in this five part Rhine River pictorial features some of our favorites – pics and places.

151 Extracted Words – The Tease – November 2019

 November 2019

I write flash fiction, non-fiction, essays and novels. This month’s Tease is from a novel in progress.

They finished their breakfast, cleared the table and filled the sink, before heading for the Jeep. Jessie drove with Molly at her side, up front, and Tumbleweed in the back, prepared to tuck with oncoming traffic. There was little and, as they wound down the road toward Deadman, it became obvious why. The whole canyon was filled with a dirty, cornflower haze. Visibility deteriorated with every drop in elevation. The rain from the previous night’s storm had done less to extinguish the wildfires than its wind and lightning had done to stoke them. Overhead, the sound of helicopters and PBY’s droned up and down the valley like worker bees. The acrid stench was potent, stinging Jessie’s nostrils. She removed her sunglasses and pulled her bandana down to wipe across her eyes.

“It’s got to be pretty close,” Molly guessed. “I wonder if any evacuations have been issued. I better call in.”


Author’s Note: Now and again The Tease has featured slices from my upcoming novel. This work is nearing completion and, in order not to spoil any of its outcomes, this will be the last monthly installment to draw upon that source. Fear not, The Tease will go on, and the novel (in its full form) will be available soon enough. 


Rhine River part IV – Strasbourg and Colmar

We head to France in the fourth segment of our journey.