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A Spectacular Afternoon on Pine Bluff.

Sunny skies and mild temps, after a healthy snowfall, combine for a delightful afternoon adventure.


Never Forget

Never forget, January 6th 2021 was a coup attempt.

The attack in Washington D.C. on January 6th, 2021 was nothing less than a coup attempt. If anyone tells you different, they are either attempting to mislead you or they simply don’t understand the meaning of the word.

Coup: A sudden, violent, illegal seizure of power from a government.

January 6th was sudden, it was violent and it was aimed at our legislative body, the very heart of our democracy. This is America and we don’t want to believe such things can happen here. But they can, and they did. And that’s why we must never forget.


Photo Challenge #396


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Around the World Without Leaving My Blog – 2021

My year in blogging – in color.   

The following is a cloud I created containing all the names of countries from which someone viewed my blog during the last year. Larger fonts represent nations with more numerous visits, smaller fonts represent those with less. Outside of the anticipated drop-ins from my own U.S.A, the bulk of visits originated from Northern Europe, Africa and Southern Asia. The greatest surprises came from Kenya and Mauritius. They generated the second and third most traffic on the site. Both nations were newcomers just last year. In that spirit, I extend a happy hello to all our newcomers for this year, including all four Scandanavian countries. The newbies (for this year, not all time) are as follows: Romania, Chile, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Lithuania, Trinidad and Tobago, Tanzania, Norway and Spain. 

Once again, I am humbled by the breadth of viewership on my tiny little slice of the internet.

As always, my thanks to every visitor, near and far.

                                                                            Cameroon  Chile

                         Mauritius   India

                                                                               Tanzania  Trinidad and Tobago  Indonesia  Norway


                             Canada  United Kingdom 

                              United States  Kenya

                                                           France  Spain  

                                                                                     Russia  Singapore   Denmark  Germany

                                           Portugal  Australia   Lithaunia

                                                                        Japan   Sweden

                                                                              Hong Kong   Romania



85 Extracted Words – The Tease

December 2021



I write short fiction, flash fiction, essays and novels. This month’s Tease is from a movie review in progress (my first).

Don’t Look Up is a movie that made me think more than any film I’ve watched in quite some time. And then I looked at today’s trending Google searches, and it inflated that thinking exponentially. I’m new to this, and don’t wish to be a spoiler, so that’s as far as I will dwell into the plot. But I will say, if you are interested in social media, politics, media corruption, science and/or astronomical physics, this movie will entertain you … and make you think.


92 Extracted Words – The Tease

November 2021



I write short fiction, flash fiction, essays and novels. This month’s Tease is from a short work in progress.

Driving downhill, the city never looked like a city. It was a town, sheltered in an arrowhead valley, wounding the green, western slopes of the Selkirks. The white and olive mountains behind yielded only enough boreal retreat for one highway and one railway. Whether you entered on a boxcar or in your borrowed car, the approach was the same. The scene was sugarplum infused, icicle starshine. Frosty spires and cozy warm lanterns anchored every street. And yet, there was the steamy breath of the homeless rising from under nearly every bridge.


103 Extracted Words – The Tease

October 2021



I write short fiction, flash fiction, essays and novels. This month’s Tease is from a work in progress.

Why ask why? Really. Outside of scientific inquiry, what good is the word?

You hear it at gas stations, why is gas twenty cents higher than last week? You here it at restaurants, why are you out of the halibut? You here it at the grocery store, why are you out of toilet paper? As if the wait staff or checkout clerk has any idea what the actual combination of geo-political and socioeconomic events are that led to your dismay.

And the truth is, if they did happen to know exactly what the answer was, you wouldn’t believe them anyway.

Why ask why?

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Nishinomiya Garden

Spokane’s Nishinomiya Garden on a rainy October day.