Haynes Estate in White.

Autumn Along the Spokane














Think Almost Snow

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Waikiki Springs

A sunny late winter day along the Little Spokane River.

Slavin Conservation Area – Late Summer

This former homestead provides a unique setting for natural wetlands.

Our September visit to the James T. Slavin Conservation Area provided some scenic shots.








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Bahamas – Part III – The Rest





Flowers and Reflections – Riverside State Park

Dressed in White – Drumheller Overlook and Columbia N.W.R.

The last flurries of winter still drape over the coulees of central Washington.








March? Snow end in sight.

With our second snowiest February butting up against a freezer-box March, it doesn’t appear a spring thaw is coming to the Inland Northwest any time soon.


With our second snowiest and fifth coldest February on record, the winter just won’t let up. Here’s our latest adventure in white.











Horseshoe Lake Drainage – Autumn

Fall colors visit the Little Spokane River Valley.