Around the World Without Leaving My Blog – 2020

My year in blogging – in color.   

The following is a cloud I created containing all the names of countries from which someone viewed my blog during the last year. Larger fonts represent nations with more numerous visits, smaller fonts represent those with less. Outside of the expected visits from my own U.S.A, the bulk of visits originated from Northern Europe, Africa and Southern Asia. EBM also experienced its largest turnover since I began tracking such trends. A happy hello to our eight (wow) newcomers – Kenya, Qatar, Indonesia, Singapore, South Africa, Mauritius Ecuador and Cameroon.

No matter how you feel about 2020, it certainly showed us how small the world has become. I am humbled by the breadth of viewership on my tiny little slice of the internet.

As always, my thanks to every visitor, near and far.


                            Canada     India

                                                                                                              Ukraine Indonesia 

                                                    Russia  United Kingdom 

                              United States

                                   Qatar  Mauritius  Ecuador  France 

                                                                                                  Dominican Republic 

Germany  Australia  Kenya 

                                     Portugal   Singapore   South Africa

                                                                Cameroon  Hong Kong


Around the World Without Leaving My Blog – 2014

Another year of communication destinations.



The following is a cloud I created containing all of the countries from which someone viewed my blog during the last year. Larger fonts represent nations with more numerous visits, smaller fonts represent those with less. Totals were unexpectedly skewed toward South America, likely due to my numerous posts on the World Cup. South Africa also made a splash … not even in the cloud last year, it rose all the way up to second tier. France, India and Indonesia all dropped out while Lithuania, Slovenia and the State of Palestine, among others, all made their debut.

As always, my thanks to every visitor, near and far.

                                                                                              Czech Republic


                                                                      Chile        United Kingdom

                 South Africa     Germany

                                                                  Denmark            Finland                Italy

                          United States

                                                                                  Mexico      Netherlands

                                                       Australia                      United Arab Emirates                Kuwait

                                                            Canada    Norway   Argentina

                                           Brazil               Spain

                                                                                                                                  State of Palestine      Slovenia


Congratulations La Furia Roja!

Spain has garnered its first World Cup Championship, defeating the Netherlands 1-0. La Furia Roja became the first team to lose its opening game and still go on to claim the cup. They victimized each of their last four opponents with late goals leading to 1-0 results.

The Dutch were waylaid by an extra time strike from Andres Iniesta. The orange failed to convert a couple of ripe post regular time chances themselves, making the late goal even more devastating.

South Africa 2010 will be remembered for many reasons. Here are a few of them:

Spain’s first World Cup Championship.

Germany’s surprising surge and the early exit for both Italy and France.

Donovan’s late goal to produce the U.S.A.’s first top place finish in World Cup group play.

The Dutch losing in the final … again.

The what ifs of Essien for Ghana and Ballack for Germany, two premier midfielders (both out with injuries) that could have pushed their teams even deeper into the tournament.

Spain has the cup and an automatic invite for 2014.

I enjoyed the tournament immensely and can’t wait for 2014.


And Then There Were Eight – World Cup Update

The field of thirty-two has now been trimmed to eight and three of my magnificent five are still alive. Brazil, Argentina and Spain have all pushed forward with attacks that well … push forward.

Spain and Brazil have work to do if they are to meet in the final.

Brazil will face my lone remaining danger team, the Netherlands. My other two dark horses, Portugal and France, are gone. France exited without threatening anyone, or anything, except their own national pride. Portugal had a good run, making it through the group of death, but bowed out to Spain. Their 1-0 loss reveals the hazard of deferring to your superstar. One bad game and you’re done.

Another team that deserves mention is Japan. With Africa hosting, Europe and South America dominant on the field and the U.S. winning their group, Asia was an afterthought in the field of sixteen. Japan nearly changed that. They came one errant penalty kick away from breaking into the quarterfinals. Honda was a revelation, reaffirming one of my greatest attractions to this eclectic event which commences every forty-eight months, the chance to see brilliance from a relatively unheralded player. His assist in the final group match was at least as impressive as any goal.

Speaking of goals, I would have to say the Tevez blast from outside the box was my favorite so far.

The Final Eight as I see it.

Uruguay vs. Ghana: Although Uruguay won their group they could be considered the underdog when facing Ghana. Ghana’s strength is their strength, especially in midfield, and they will own the crowd. A victory by either team will place them in the semifinals as the clear Cinderella of 2010.

Brazil vs. Netherlands: The best matchup of the quarterfinals, the winner has an inside track to the championship. The Dutch are playing magnificent team ball and a victory would erase many past disappointments for the orange. Brazil has been dominant and would love to be defending the cup when they host in four years. If they play Ghana in the semifinals it will be a rematch from the knockout stage of 2006. It will also be a showcase for the two best holding midfields in the tournament (even with Essien out for Ghana).

Argentina vs. Germany: Another great matchup between traditional powers. Germany has done well so far, despite their youth. The underwhelming performance put on against them by England was a gift they should not expect to be repeated by Argentina. Tevez and Messi present a level of talent they have not yet seen in the tournament.

Paraguay vs. Spain: Once again, Spain finds itself at the doorstep, but if they wish to break through, they best not look past this fixture to the winner of Argentina/Germany. Paraguay’s defense will be less stout than Portugal, but their counter attacks will be more potent.

The plate for a football feast.

There are several scenarios remaining for the final, including an all South American or all European match. Africa could crown its first ever champion. The Netherlands or Spain could erase their perpetual also-ran status. No matter what happens, one thing is certain. Four tasty games are on the menu.


Soccer Nerd South Africa Update

Round one is over and we’ve learned a few things. The five on my short list were not impressive. 

The boot goes on.


 Of the teams I highlighted, Argentina was the only one that was never threatened. Brazil won too, but only after falling behind. England and Italy managed draws, and in a  flop that would put Ronaldo to shame, Spain lost to the Swiss. The much touted Spaniards drop to the bottom of group H and have to be a bit nervous. In a Samson-esque move, Torres cut his hair. After today’s woeful performance, he might be looking into extensions. Speaking of losses, Italy will be without their number one keeper indefinitely. 

On a brighter note, the U.S. played well and the Danes looked good, even in a loss to one of my “dangerous” teams, the Netherlands. Now it’s on to the second games, where the elite squads should begin to assert themselves while the surprise sides just hope to hang on. 

Heads up.