End of the Year – End of a Format

Mjollnir gets a new look with the Piano Black format.

As some of you have no doubt noticed by now, the look of Edited by Mjollnir has changed since last week. Gone from the header is the authentic, yet disturbing, little troll. In his place is the mythical hammer from which this blog borrows its name.cropped-norse-troll-004.jpg

The change came about as a result of WordPress dropping the MistyLook theme. I could have continued to use the ML format in legacy form, but the obsolete program would not have been supported by WordPress changes. WP offered a new theme, Misty Lake, that was similar in design, but not identical, so I decided to seize the opportunity to perform a complete overhaul. In addition to the cool, black background and revamped header, I also introduced new widgets to the sidebar, such as the calendar of posts and blog community short list. I hope you enjoy the new, improved Mjollnir.

I had originally planned on posting a short piece about the passing of 2012, but this year, there seems to be an excessively large number of retrospectives in cyberspace. I mean, one can only revisit the Presidential election and Mayan Apocalypse just so many times before Rip Van Winkle knocks on the door. Instead, I’ll just highlight one of the more interesting stats from my blog for the year 2012; the top ten countries ranked by number of visits to Edited by Mjollnir.

The top two, as might be expected, are the U.S. and Canada. Number three is Australia, no real surprise. After that, the list becomes a bit more eclectic. Indonesia comes in at four, followed by Brazil, Germany, Spain, India and the U.K. The tenth spot is actually shared by three nations, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and Poland. It should be noted that China’s hits are actually subdivided into three locations: Mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. If the PRC’s three flags were bundled and counted as one, they would slip into the nine spot.

Happy New Year everyone. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA



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