Santa Zombies

They pop up at night.


Laying there motionless, flat, sometimes buried (if it happens to snow a bit), Santa zombies abound this time of year. In daylight, they appear harmless. Small, red, ruffled lumps of polypropylene and nylon on lawns all over the neighborhood. Perhaps some white and black appears as well, but still, nothing to be alarmed about.

Then night falls.Santa up

With a slight, almost undetectable motion, they awake. Accompanied by a horrifying hiss, their deformed bodies slowly rise in the misty December evening. Santa zombies are on the prowl.

And it’s not just Santa rising up every night. He is accompanied by a cavalcade of animated characters from all walks of death. Elves, polar bears, penguins, reindeer, pigs, flamingos, snowmen and even Snoopy creep eerily into form as darkness spreads.

Okay, so they are inflatables, but that doesn’t mean they are harmless. Each one arrives with dire warnings about suffocation, electrocution, poisoning and explosions. And I thought nutcrackers were creepy!

These nocturnal St. Nicks are positively horrifying. Until morning arrives, that is. 1214151529

Happy decorating everyone.