Spokane’s Get Lit! 2019

Spokane’s Get Lit! 2019

This year’s edition of Get Lit once again featured a roll call of literary talent, from Sharma Shields to Jess Walter.

On Thursday night, we attended a reading at the Spokane Downtown Library featuring Sharma Shields and Jonathan Johnson. Johnson read from many of his pieces, as did Shields, including her new novel, The Cassandra.

On Sunday, we continued our literary adventure with more readings, this time from up and coming M.F.A. talent, such as Kailee Haong and Cassandra Lee. Interpunct Press provided the venue and refreshments.

Our experience, at the 21st edition of Get Lit!, concluded with a working tour of that same local, artisan press – Interpunct Press.

The vibrant and talented local writing community, combined with the hardworking folks at Get Lit!, made this year’s event, once again, an unquestionable success. Thank you to everyone that makes it happen, year after year.

We look forward to seeing what surprises are in store for Get Lit! 2020, next April.

Spokane’s Get Lit 2017

Get Lit delivers yet again.



Get Lit, Spokane’s annual literary festival, concludes today. Once again, the event delivered poignant readings, insightful panels and the severe revelry of pie and whiskey, all with low (or no) fee for admission.

The week long celebration included such names as Sharma Shields, Sam Ligon, Kate Lebo, Jess Walter and Laila Lalami. Participants could choose from tasty items on a literary menu that included panels, workshops, readings, slams and, of course, bookmarkers.

Our favorite event was, once again, the Pie and Whiskey Readings. The electric evening of performance and tastings has grown so popular that the venue had to be moved to Terrain (in the Washington Cracker building) in order to accommodate the burgeoning crowds.

Naturally, we look forward to next year’s festival, April 23rd through the 29th, 2018. This will be Get Lit’s 20th anniversary. It’s never too soon to start planning.