Merry Christmas – 2015

Merry Christmas and a Glaedelig Lille Julaften!

Thank you to everyone who stopped by our snowy little corner of the world this year. A very merry holiday to you all.

Meet and Greet 12/18

Hi Danny, everyone. Happy Holid… Wait, is that eggnog in that igloo punchbowl? Excuse me for a second.

It’s a cyber office party! Make sure to hop over to Danny’s (link below) and catch up on everyone’s blogs.

Dream Big, Dream Often


It’s Meet and Greet Weekend at Dream Big!!

Ok so here are the rules:

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  4. Share this post on social media.  Many of my non-blogger friends love that I put the Meet n Greet on Facebook and Twitter because they find new bloggers to follow.  This helps also, trust me.

Now that all the rules have been clearly explained get out there and Meet n Greet your butts off!

See ya Monday!


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Santa Zombies

They pop up at night.


Laying there motionless, flat, sometimes buried (if it happens to snow a bit), Santa zombies abound this time of year. In daylight, they appear harmless. Small, red, ruffled lumps of polypropylene and nylon on lawns all over the neighborhood. Perhaps some white and black appears as well, but still, nothing to be alarmed about.

Then night falls.Santa up

With a slight, almost undetectable motion, they awake. Accompanied by a horrifying hiss, their deformed bodies slowly rise in the misty December evening. Santa zombies are on the prowl.

And it’s not just Santa rising up every night. He is accompanied by a cavalcade of animated characters from all walks of death. Elves, polar bears, penguins, reindeer, pigs, flamingos, snowmen and even Snoopy creep eerily into form as darkness spreads.

Okay, so they are inflatables, but that doesn’t mean they are harmless. Each one arrives with dire warnings about suffocation, electrocution, poisoning and explosions. And I thought nutcrackers were creepy!

These nocturnal St. Nicks are positively horrifying. Until morning arrives, that is. 1214151529

Happy decorating everyone.

Writing 101 – Day 15 – Asgard Live!

Have you ever wondered what Dr. Phil’s show would be like if he did a remote from Asgard?

My guess is, you haven’t, but thanks to my Writing 101 friend, Melinda ,this nugget appeared in my mind. She suggested a post about the Æsir and Vanir tribes of Norse mythology. My first thought was, now that’s a dysfunctional group, which led to my second thought, where’s Dr. Phil when you need him?

[Applause] Thank you and welcome to this special Norse edition of Dr. Phil. Now, we’ll get to these gentlemen and gentleladies in the horned hats in a second, but first, I just want to read a couple lines written by a woman known only as “the Völva”. She is a woman of the Vanir tribe that has done some journaling on the feud between these two clans. And let me just say to those of you watching at home, if you find yourself in the middle of two warring god gangs, lightning bolts flying back and forth, it really helps to get your feelings down on paper. Just keep that in mind as I read this …

“Odin shot a spear, hurled it over the host;” [Dramatic pause] “that was still the first war in the world” [Applause]

Yes, I agree, very moving. But beyond the artistic wording, the Völva is really pointing to the heart of the matter, isn’t she? Instead of reaching for his phone, Odin’s first instinct is to reach for a spear. Now, I know the Æsir and the Vanir have their differences, but epic battles never solve anything. So, everybody just lower your swords, take off your helmets and let down your hair. Yeah, that’s it Thor. Just like that. So, in the next hour, let’s explore this conflict and then hopefully begin some saga-sized healing. [Applause]

[Voice Over] Stay tuned for more Dr. Phil and don’t miss tomorrow’s show … Giants-Why do they think everyone is beneath them?

X Marks the Post.

Writing 101 – Day 8 entails writing a letter. Mine is for the letter X.

When given the assignment of writing a letter to someone, why not make that someone a letter? And what letter is more deserving than the letter X?

Dear X,

You never cease to amaze. I love your skill in replacing other letters. Like when, instead of Christmas, people use you to write X-mas. You replace six letters and a deity without even breaking a sweat. That right there should get you into the Letter Hall of Fame.

But there’s more. You allow us to refer to former lovers with one simple letter, X. No guilt, no drama. Just X. That kind of understanding is what makes you a stand up letter. (Well, that and the way your lower structure is uniquely balanced to hold up the rest of your font.) And you’re entertaining as hell. X-box, X-games, Super Bowl XXXX, treasure maps, tic-tac-toe. We wouldn’t know what to do with our free time without you, X.

Let me just say thank you.

And, of course, XOXOXOXOXOXO.

Sincerely, X Fan Boy.

P.S. I love the way you work with O to do that hugs-and-kisses thing. That’s another wonderful thing about you X, you’re a magnanimous team player.

Mow Your Lawn – Puhleeeze!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Home Turf.”

Mow it. Mow it now. You don’t have to edge it, or even trim it, but please, for the love of Briggs and Stratton, mow it. And try watering it too.

Home turf isn’t just my yard. It’s every lawn I can see from my yard, every dandelion I can see from my driveway, every burnt square of brown I pass driving down my street. I understand that people are busy.They have kids, jobs, dreams.

But you purchased a house, for crying out loud. Does that not imply some responsibility toward your neighbors?

We all miss a mow or two. Emergencies, equipment failures, even vacations can get in the way of lawn care. But it’s the same lawns week after week. You know who you are. Turn the porch lights on. Tape a flashlight to that thing and let’s get going.

And get those leaves while you’re at it.

To Whom It May Freshly Concern – Blogging 101

My target for Blogging 101’s day four assignment is the star chamber of Freshly Pressed.

I’ve been blogging for half a decade, never been Freshly Pressed.

I’ve published over one hundred posts, never been Freshly Pressed.

I’ve Nano’d, blogged, commented, Googled, trolled, ranted, pimped, primped and changed my hairstyle and still … never been Freshly Pressed. So, taking the advice of Pablo Picasso, I’m learning the rules so I can break them. At least, that was my plan until I found out, there are no rules.

That’s right, anything goes.

That doesn’t mean there are no deal breakers. Typos, plagiarism, even gratuitous vulgarity might all keep you from being considered, but their absence is no guarantee of success. Breaking the rules when there are none is the ultimate blogger’s koan. The attempt is what truly matters, Pressed or not.

And that’s what this Blogging 101 assignment is all about.

What is this map here for? It’s where the Picasso script was found. (And I had never embedded a map before.)