Oops, NaNo’d Again – the Sublime Insanity of NaNoWriMo

What do November, 50,000 word rough drafts and coffee (lots and lots of coffee) have in common? Answer: NaNoWriMo.

If you know anyone that writes, chances are during some previous November, they mysteriously disappeared from your life. Blame NaNoWriMo. Generic-73x73The impulse to put 1667 or more words down every day in the month of November can overwhelm anyone’s free time.

NaNo is a free-wheeling online creative event that covers the globe. Although it’s completely free,those that can donate are encouraged to do so. The event raises money for the Office of Letters and Light, an organization that supports literacy and writing creativity in youngsters and adults. NaNo includes sponsors that provide technical and financial support and various writers that  provide motivational blurbs. NaNo forums give the participants a place to lean on each other or laugh with each other. The OLL adds some fairly entertaining videos to keep spirits up. Currently, the NaNo homepage shows the 2012 tally at 3,288,976, 325 words written world-wide, the Spokane Region alone created a 6,398,490 concordance.

Winner-120x240When I visit the county fair’s midway, I see people exit rides, wrung out from spinning around for five minutes straight, heading rapidly to the bathroom to expel the cotton candy and corn dogs from their stomach, but they still manage to slap their partners on the back and exclaim, “Wasn’t that fun?”

I say to myself, how can that be fun?

I imagine if someone were able to peer inside my writing space during NaNo, they might ask the same question. But to me, that is part of the attraction. Knowing that most people consider such an endeavor a punishing waste of time further compels the few hundred thousand of us spackled around the globe in various clusters, typing away, prostrate before the glow of our laptops.

And, bonus … I’ve never puked coming off the NaNo ride.


To learn more about NaNoWriMo, go here.


Nanowrimo- Not Just Another Pretty Phrase

Pardon the extended absence, I’ve been knee deep in fiction creation all November, indulging in the whirlwind of mass prose known as Nanowrimo. As any of  you involved in the Nano know, it’s a lonely business. Aside from write-ins and forum procrastination, there is no human interaction.

After battling around countless distractions and an enjoyable autumn jaunt to Seattle, I was able to get back on task and finish, yesterday, with a full day to spare. Now it’s time for the much less frenetic re-write … and re-write … and re-write. Getting 50,000 words of raw first draft down is akin to a gardener tilling spring soil. It fosters nearly endless possibilities.

If I were the Nanowrimo czar, I would pick a different month. To get my daily 1667 words written during November, I had to feign indifference toward EWU football, the Maui Invitational, our first snow, my short fiction addiction, Thanksgiving, Black Friday and mid-term politics.

Tell me, fellow wrimos, will you do it again? I know I will. Those of you still straddling the fence, check out www.nanowrimo.org  You only have eleven months left before Nanowrimo 2011.


I Have Not Been Rendered

Just a very brief note to anyone wondering. I have not been rendered for comments against authority. I am simply in the midst of an extremely heavy writing month and have had little time to post. It seems lately almost every minute has been filled with drinking coffee and eating prose. (You are what you eat.)

Coffee dreams.

I want to offer a quick congratulations to the Eastern Eagles on their shared title in the Big Sky and birth in the sub-division playoffs. At least there is one team in this state that knows how to win consistently.

I won’t be absent much longer. Until then, hang in there all you Nanowrimo’s.