Congratulations La Furia Roja!

Spain has garnered its first World Cup Championship, defeating the Netherlands 1-0. La Furia Roja became the first team to lose its opening game and still go on to claim the cup. They victimized each of their last four opponents with late goals leading to 1-0 results.

The Dutch were waylaid by an extra time strike from Andres Iniesta. The orange failed to convert a couple of ripe post regular time chances themselves, making the late goal even more devastating.

South Africa 2010 will be remembered for many reasons. Here are a few of them:

Spain’s first World Cup Championship.

Germany’s surprising surge and the early exit for both Italy and France.

Donovan’s late goal to produce the U.S.A.’s first top place finish in World Cup group play.

The Dutch losing in the final … again.

The what ifs of Essien for Ghana and Ballack for Germany, two premier midfielders (both out with injuries) that could have pushed their teams even deeper into the tournament.

Spain has the cup and an automatic invite for 2014.

I enjoyed the tournament immensely and can’t wait for 2014.