X Marks the Post.

Writing 101 – Day 8 entails writing a letter. Mine is for the letter X.

When given the assignment of writing a letter to someone, why not make that someone a letter? And what letter is more deserving than the letter X?

Dear X,

You never cease to amaze. I love your skill in replacing other letters. Like when, instead of Christmas, people use you to write X-mas. You replace six letters and a deity without even breaking a sweat. That right there should get you into the Letter Hall of Fame.

But there’s more. You allow us to refer to former lovers with one simple letter, X. No guilt, no drama. Just X. That kind of understanding is what makes you a stand up letter. (Well, that and the way your lower structure is uniquely balanced to hold up the rest of your font.) And you’re entertaining as hell. X-box, X-games, Super Bowl XXXX, treasure maps, tic-tac-toe. We wouldn’t know what to do with our free time without you, X.

Let me just say thank you.

And, of course, XOXOXOXOXOXO.

Sincerely, X Fan Boy.

P.S. I love the way you work with O to do that hugs-and-kisses thing. That’s another wonderful thing about you X, you’re a magnanimous team player.