Scuba Chicken

Our turtle, a red-eared slider named “Chicken”, was outgrowing his home. Over the holiday season, we moved him to a new tank. Now, like so many others, his mortgage status is under water.

Tough turtle.

Red-eared sliders are notoriously aggressive and are becoming a real problem in the mid-west. When released into the wild, for good or malicious intent, they wipe out the native turtle species.

This aggressive nature isn’t reserved for just the wild red-ears. Our own Chicken lets you know who’s the boss every time you walk by his home. He scratches, kicks pebbles and slams his shell against the glass. (see the slide show below)

You probably are wondering how he landed his name. Chicken was given to us as a gift. When our son first saw him he shouted out, “Chicken”. We explained that Chicken was a turtle, but our little boy insisted. “Chicken.” And so that became his name. In some odd way, it’s perfect.

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