264 Extracted Words – The Tease – March 2016

March 2016

I write flash fiction, non-fiction, essays and novels. This month’s Tease is from a novel in progress.

IMG_3150Facing down Main Street (hell, the only street) in this tiny, unlikely town on the edge of humanity, wedged between the green, cut banks of spruce and the green, icy waters of Lacy Cove, the tallest building he could see wasn’t even a building. It was a ship. And that ship, the Balkan Jewel, Jewel of the Inland Passage, carried in its massive hull many more jewels. The ice in Alaska didn’t always form in hidden coves with shaded saltwater or even in cascading tumbles over glacial valleys. Sometimes it came by courier or personal shopper, duty-free and pear cut. Diamonds.

He had shadowed the little, silver-haired group and their guide for days, learning all their turns, noting how each little case was unlocked, counted and locked again. In the end, it wouldn’t be difficult at all. He knew the odd, idiosyncratic twitches of two dozen elderly, rich couples. A pat to the breast pocket, a tap of the purse. They relentlessly invaded each tourist town, guided by their “expert” purchaser – buying, trading, getting a deal. But, the investment was his. Their money, his treasure, they just didn’t understand the arrangement, yet. And when the time came, he would sweep in without mercy, harvesting the contents of pockets and satchels like fresh eggs in an unguarded hen house. In the morning, when the squawking and clucking began, the victims and their cruise ship would be two hundred miles away. One more day and they wouldn’t even be in the same country. His plan was as perfect as the stones that would soon rest in his gloved hand.





Tracy Arm – An American Fjord

Blue ice and slate cliffs meet the sea in Southeast Alaska.

As promised, here are some more pics from our trip to Alaska. This post focuses on Tracy Arm, southeast of Juneau.

Sawyer Glacier.





Icy blue.






Misty mountains.








North to Alaska … and Back Again.

Pictures from Frederick Sound, Tracy Arm and the villages of the Inland Passage.

Sawyer Glacier.


Railroad snowplow.

Clarence Strait.


Easy seas.

Frederick Sound.

Tracy Arm Fjord.

Creek Street.

Mendenhall Glacier.

Frederick Sound.




Mendenhall Glacier.

Pacific Ocean.



Mill Street.



In fog.



Frederick Sound.

Note: If you like the Tracy Arm pictures, I am planning a post in the near future focusing entirely on the fjord.