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Hi Danny, everyone. Happy Holid… Wait, is that eggnog in that igloo punchbowl? Excuse me for a second.

It’s a cyber office party! Make sure to hop over to Danny’s (link below) and catch up on everyone’s blogs.

Dream Big, Dream Often


It’s Meet and Greet Weekend at Dream Big!!

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Now that all the rules have been clearly explained get out there and Meet n Greet your butts off!

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Wordle # 89 – Ethanol


He raps on the door of the loft, vociferating threats of expulsion until the deadbolt finally slides to the side. The moderately warped door springs open of its own accord.p6260056

“What the hell?” Rays from the dirty sunlight of winter shine on the far wall, revealing an electric mudslide of bright acrylic, launched and lobbed at a sheet of plywood, propped on the ceramic ledges of an unplumbed washbasin.

“I learned how to do this last quarter,” his son beams.

He inhales the scene. His boy is wearing a tattered frock (most certainly salvaged from one of the old boxes in the corner), covered in the same psychedelic velvet that adorns the painting and half the wall behind it.

“They teach this in engineering school?” he rubs his forearm, running his hand over some fresh, tribal ink, still red with irritation. His heartbeat is rapid, his neck bulges from the aerobics of morbid fascination.

“Modern Masters. It’s an art elective. You know, Jackson Pollen. You’ve heard of him, right?” his son asks.

“No, not really. I’ve heard of Jackson Pollock. And this ain’t him either. Just a bored kid on Christmas break.” He thinks back on all the holidays they didn’t share. He spent nearly half of them on the road, the other half on the run, a few in jail. His life isn’t a complete disappointment, just a mild one, like ethanol. It meanders, somewhere between irreversible disaster and unmet expectations, substituting rust for memories. He smiles and backs his tone off a notch. “This ain’t a goddam atelier”

“A what …”

“Never mind. Just clean this crap up, or you’ll have to find a different roof to sleep under.”

He laughs and rubs his shaved head as he closes the door behind him. The kid is thirty-three and he’s still reminding him to clean up his messes.

Santa Zombies

They pop up at night.


Laying there motionless, flat, sometimes buried (if it happens to snow a bit), Santa zombies abound this time of year. In daylight, they appear harmless. Small, red, ruffled lumps of polypropylene and nylon on lawns all over the neighborhood. Perhaps some white and black appears as well, but still, nothing to be alarmed about.

Then night falls.Santa up

With a slight, almost undetectable motion, they awake. Accompanied by a horrifying hiss, their deformed bodies slowly rise in the misty December evening. Santa zombies are on the prowl.

And it’s not just Santa rising up every night. He is accompanied by a cavalcade of animated characters from all walks of death. Elves, polar bears, penguins, reindeer, pigs, flamingos, snowmen and even Snoopy creep eerily into form as darkness spreads.

Okay, so they are inflatables, but that doesn’t mean they are harmless. Each one arrives with dire warnings about suffocation, electrocution, poisoning and explosions. And I thought nutcrackers were creepy!

These nocturnal St. Nicks are positively horrifying. Until morning arrives, that is. 1214151529

Happy decorating everyone.

Writing 101 Assignment Six

Writing is where the heart is.

I don’t really have a favorite writing place. I write in many places, my desk, my bed, my car, libraries, coffee shops. Although I write in different spaces, what is consistent in those settings is my gear. I must have my laptop, pen with notepad, I-pod, flip dictionary and Wi-Fi. Everything else I need is in my heart.

Along with the setting and tools, a writer needs ideas, which also happens to be part of this assignment. Please feel free to leave ideas for subjects to write on in the comments section below. Thank you.

Mow Your Lawn – Puhleeeze!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Home Turf.”

Mow it. Mow it now. You don’t have to edge it, or even trim it, but please, for the love of Briggs and Stratton, mow it. And try watering it too.

Home turf isn’t just my yard. It’s every lawn I can see from my yard, every dandelion I can see from my driveway, every burnt square of brown I pass driving down my street. I understand that people are busy.They have kids, jobs, dreams.

But you purchased a house, for crying out loud. Does that not imply some responsibility toward your neighbors?

We all miss a mow or two. Emergencies, equipment failures, even vacations can get in the way of lawn care. But it’s the same lawns week after week. You know who you are. Turn the porch lights on. Tape a flashlight to that thing and let’s get going.

And get those leaves while you’re at it.

The Starbucks Reserve Roastery & Tasting Room

I really enjoy Dutch Bros coffee but …


I really enjoy coffee from Dutch Brothers. But a visit to the Starbucks Reserve Roastery & Tasting Room is well worth the effort, no matter what your java preference. It’s as if Willy Wonka decided to open a coffee factory. See for yourself, just don’t tell Slugworth.









Around the World Without Leaving My Blog – 2014

Another year of communication destinations.



The following is a cloud I created containing all of the countries from which someone viewed my blog during the last year. Larger fonts represent nations with more numerous visits, smaller fonts represent those with less. Totals were unexpectedly skewed toward South America, likely due to my numerous posts on the World Cup. South Africa also made a splash … not even in the cloud last year, it rose all the way up to second tier. France, India and Indonesia all dropped out while Lithuania, Slovenia and the State of Palestine, among others, all made their debut.

As always, my thanks to every visitor, near and far.

                                                                                              Czech Republic


                                                                      Chile        United Kingdom

                 South Africa     Germany

                                                                  Denmark            Finland                Italy

                          United States

                                                                                  Mexico      Netherlands

                                                       Australia                      United Arab Emirates                Kuwait

                                                            Canada    Norway   Argentina

                                           Brazil               Spain

                                                                                                                                  State of Palestine      Slovenia