My name is John Nelson. I am a writer. I enjoy writing short stories and longer ones. I am currently working on my second novel. I started this blog because some  topics I choose to write about won’t wait to be inserted into my next piece of fiction. They assert themselves in my everyday life, attacking me in the shower, while I’m mowing the lawn, even in my sleep.

Learn more about my published works at thorsaurusite . Thank you for your interest.

No, this is not me. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

10 responses to “About

  1. Hey– sorry to post on your blog, didn’t know how to get a hold of you! I was just going through our subscribers, and wanted to let you know we’ve had a mini facelift on the blog, and I dread being a pain… but we switched from wordpress.com to wordpress.org which means— subscribers have to sign up again. I was suprised to find out there was no way to transfer over all of our current subscriptions! Boo. Anyways, we would love for you to continue following us.. if you don’t mind signing up one more time! Really like your blog’s content though… verryyy nice 🙂


    Nicky & Rhys


  2. No worries Nicky and thank you. Stop by anytime. I love your blog too. It teaches me so much about places I’ll most likely never get to visit. I’ll re-subscribe. Keep on trekking. 🙂


  3. Your posts read so easily and yet your style, your flow are entirely unique to me. ‘Like I landed in a country where the people speak a strange, foreign language and yet I understand quite clearly. I can hardly wait for more.

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