123 Extracted Words – The Tease

June 2022



I write short fiction, flash fiction, essays and novels. This month’s Tease is from an essay/new feature in progress.

Gas goes up in price, new technologies go down in price. Outside a few blips, that has been the norm for most of the twenty-first century. Such inverse relationships beg for analysis, expression in graphs, numbers, and thus, the Tesla/Fuel ratio is born.

What is the T/F ratio? It is the lowest cost for a new Tesla (any model) divided by the latest national average for a gallon of gas. In other words, how many gallons of gas would be needed to trade straight across for a new Tesla.

In January, the TFR was 13,606.79. In May it had dropped to 10,217.72. Given that trend, it could be under 10,000 by the end of August. We can only wait and see.


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