139 Extracted Words – The Tease – August 2019

 August 2019

I write flash fiction, non-fiction, essays and novels. This month’s Tease is from an essay in progress.

When does the party end? To paraphrase the lyrics of a familiar song, its when the lights get turned (out) off. But is that really true? Some parties are just getting started when the lights go down.

So then, what actually signifies the party’s end?

At a wedding, it might be when the newly married couple exits. At a graduation or birthday, it might be after the presents are opened. When its a wine party and the wine is all gone … well.

To me, what signifies the end of a gathering is when the tables get broken down. Let’s face it, if you stay longer than the furniture, chances are, you’re annoying someone. Perhaps the host, perhaps the people they are paying to break it all down and clean it all up. Either way, take your hint from the folding chairs.

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