The Perseids Gave Their All

The annual August meteor shower provided quite a show. And it’s not too late to join the fun.

Every August, in the wee early hours of the twelfth morning, the Perseid meteor shower delights. We went out last night around 2am, when the Earth was turning directly into the trail of comet exhaust that creates the shower.

The moon was a non-factor, setting before 1am. The weather was clear and with only two fires in the region, smoke was minimal.

The following was our list of essential meteor gazing gear:

Lawn chairs.





Our final count was 72 per hour.

Although the shower peaked last night, it continues on tonight. This year’s ideal conditions mean that a second evening of viewing is worthwhile, even if the rate drops off.

Note: Meteor showers are often referred to with an hourly rate. This gives the false impression that there is a steady pace to the streaking stars. But, in reality, they come in bunches, with lulls between which can be disheartening. Give yourself enough time to see the best the show has to offer.


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