The Perseids are Coming, the Perseids are Coming!

The annual August meteor shower peaks Sunday morning.

Every August, in the wee early hours of the twelfth morning, the Perseid meteor shower delights. We go out around 2am, when the Earth is turning directly into the trail of comet exhaust that creates the shower.

This year promises to hold ideal conditions. Unlike last year, the moon will be a non-factor, low and barely a crescent. The weather should be clear and with only one fire in the region, smoke will be minimal.

The following is my list of essential meteor gazing gear:

Lawn chairs.







The last is the most important. Meteor showers are often referred to with a rate per hour. This gives the false impression that there is a steady pace to the streaking stars. But, in reality, they come in bunches, with lulls in between which can be disheartening. Give yourself time to see the best the show has to offer.

What are your essentials?

Brief Update: The night was gorgeous. Clear, calm and a late appearance by the Crescent Luna and Venus. The count was around 45-50 an hour. One might even say the stars were aligned.


6 thoughts on “The Perseids are Coming, the Perseids are Coming!

  1. Chelsea says:

    What about a sleeping bag on a picnic table? 🙂 It has been storming nearly everyday but hopefully the clouds will clear out for a bit so we can watch them too! I think we are far enough from the downtown area that light shouldn’t be a problem. I do wish the city wasn’t right on the beach, or that the beach on base wasn’t closed at night…. Oh well, guess the backyard will have to do! Good luck and happy Perseids 🙂


  2. BnJ says:

    Nightly delights
    Per see ids , Leo nids, Katydids too
    Each yearly show us
    What nature can do.
    P’s and L’s flash silently by
    While K’s wings call out
    their loud love cry
    —silence and lights
    or wing calls at night
    marvels of nature
    do all us delight .–


    • Nice. One of the things I really enjoy about meteor showers is the silence. The lack of sound associated with such a display of speed and light adds to the surreal nature of the experience.


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