Ohio issue 2 could be a preview for 2012

The battle to repeal senate bill 5 could be a harbinger of the coming presidential election.

Update: Since this post was published, senate bill five was overwhelmingly repealed.

When John Kasich, Republican governor of Ohio, signed S.B. 5 into law earlier this year, it was a decided victory for the Tea Party. But, similar to Wisconsin, the outcry against the law, which eliminates most collective bargaining rights (including strikes) for public employees, met a loud and active response. But unlike Wisconsin, where the focus was on recalling those who voted for the offending bill, Ohioans took a different approach. They started a petition that resulted in getting issue 2 , the repeal of the union-attacking S.B. 5, on next Tuesday’s ballot.

Governor Kasich could see a referendum bid ending badly for his administration. As soon as it became clear the issue would make the ballot, he called for negotiations. But smelling political blood, the opposition rebuked him. The latest Quinnipiac polls show they were correct in doing so. The law is being crushed 57% to 32%.

The ramifications for next year’s general election are manifold. Big money has arrived, unions on one side and groups like Americans for Prosperity and FreedomWorks on the other. Ohio is traditionally huge in deciding Presidential elections, and if these poll numbers hold, it appears the Republicans have work to do before next November. Issue 2 is also the first place where the Occupy Wall Street movement could have a political effect. Although reluctant to back any one candidate or piece of legislation, OWS (through Occupy Columbus) is backing repeal of the law. It is interesting that the group allows speakers at their events to have the podium, no matter whether they are for or against it.

Unions represent infrastructure for the political left. If they take a hit in Ohio, you can expect Republican governors across the country to follow suit. But if the polls are to be believed, such overreach could backfire and feed the flames of the OWS movement.  Learn more here.


2 thoughts on “Ohio issue 2 could be a preview for 2012

  1. Bitter Clinger says:

    I noticed Obamacare was drummed out existence in Ohio. Somehow, you didn’t note that. Like every progressive dunce, they read way too much into one vote of one election.

    Unions have become a pox on American manufacturing. They are a failure in every facet of American business. The state of Ohio will be crucified eventually because of this.

    And when it happens, I’m going to relish their just desserts of watching their misery in poverty.


    • I am sorry you are so bitter, Bitter. The post wasn’t about the other issue, but since you mentioned it … TO PRESERVE THE FREEDOM OF OHIOANS TO CHOOSE THEIR HEALTH CARE AND HEALTH CARE COVERAGE
      Sounds pretty good, I probably would vote for it myself. But it doesn’t mention the Affordable Health Care Act or President Obama. At best, it is an attack on the mandate, a small portion of the bill. Hardly an indictment of the entire law.

      As far as unions being a pox on manufacturing, Chrysler just announced the addition of 1000 UNION jobs in … Ohio. I guess the crucifiction will have to wait.


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