Welcome Fall (Updated October 2012)

Autumn was late to the Inland Northwest, but well worth the wait.

The hot days and smokey nights are gone for another year. As the dark hours become crisp in Eastern Washington, the colors come out. The following is a collection of some of those colors.



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 Update: Welcome Fall was first posted in 2011, but since then, I acquired an Olympus SP-810UZ and thus, elected to add a few pics from behind my new lens for a re-post. Enjoy.


3 thoughts on “Welcome Fall (Updated October 2012)

      • Good question. Fall is lovely in southern California — it’s warm and clear, much nicer than the summer, which tends to switch between overcast/dreary and scorching.

        It’s also my favorite here b/c at the end it starts to rain, which ends fire season and starts things greening up.


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