Internal Combustion Love Story

Why can’t America kick the oil habit?

Do you ever wonder what it will take for Americans to kick their oil addiction? $5,$6,$7 a gallon gas? I think it will take more than that because it’s not an addiction … it’s a love affair. If you doubt it, just look at these pictures from a typical summer weekend, Anytown U.S.A.

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4 responses to “Internal Combustion Love Story

  1. I think it’ll be a while before we all kick our oil addiction. 😛

    Thanks for your comment on my blog! I totally agree with you that Lake Louise and Yoho Pass are also beautiful. Have you been up the Yoho valley to Takakkaw Falls and the Little Yoho Valley? They are also stunning!


    • Thank you for dropping in, Bean. I am not familiar with Takakkaw Falls, but we had a fun experience farther north at Athabasca Falls. The spray from the river is refreshing and the paved walks can be quite crowded on a hot summer day. On just such a day, we could see the crowd ahead of us splitting. There were shouts and laughs and a few shrieks. Then we saw what was inspiring the row. A black bear was wandering down the path like a tourist in a dark fur coat. He would grunt a little, stop and stick his tongue out, like he was tasting the air. Then he would amble a little farther down the path. I swear he looked like he was smiling, like rousting the tourists was just a game. That night the northern lights were out. I love the Canadian Rockies.


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