Time to Put Up or Shut Up, Tea Party

With no viable presidential candidate and their hands out to lobbyists, the tea party is starting to show its true colors.

So, it wasn’t about reform after all. Changing Washington, offering a choice beyond the corporatist Democrat vs. corporatist Republican paradigm … those were the promises made by the tea party. They have clearly failed to deliver.

Is there tea in their mug, or pork?

After the  joint press conference (debate?) given by the Republican candidates willing to show up last week, I don’t see tea party views being exclusively espoused by any one candidate, not one with a chance of winning, anyway. Ron Paul is probably the most notable of the names, but legalizing heroin is not a tea party priority and even less likely to be in the Republican platform come convention time. The tea party heavyweights, Bachmann and Palin, haven’t managed to announce yet. (That Fox money will have to end as soon as the official word is given. Kind of  an ego-centric rationalization for someone wanting to change Washington for the good of America.)

And just how much change does either one really want? Palin is a rhetoric regurgitation machine with no plan for anything, unless “reload” can be considered a policy. And Bachmann might lose favor with the tea party faithful when they hear that she is pushing for $633 million dollars in taxpayer money for a bridge, yes a bridge, in her district. Sounds like an ear-mark to me. And she also has taken a quarter of  a million dollars in farm subsidies since 1995. That’s not a problem in her ag-minded Minnesota district, but it could be a problem when courting a national tea party constituency.
And speaking of taking money, the tea party freshman seem fairly adept at it. After vowing to change Washington, it looks like business as usual. As reported in the New York Times and Washington Post as well as by the Sunshine Organization, the “reformers” have beaten a path to K Street, knocking on the doors of big oil, big coal and big pharma lobbyists with their hands out. Meanwhile, they didn’t repeal health reform, they haven’t made a dent in the deficit and they probably won’t stop the debt limit from being raised. They did manage to get the President to release an official document from 1961. Wow. I wonder how much taxpayer money was wasted on that endeavor.
Presidential elections are about winning the “middle”. So far, the tea party has done little to appeal to the middle. They rail against the deficit, but the repeal of  health reform (according to the CBO) would actually add to it. Besides, jobs are polling as a higher priority than the deficit among likely voters. And the tea party has no jobs program, aside from cutting taxes, which hardly matters to someone who is unemployed.
The tea party better start producing or they might suffer the same fate as their platitude-laced signs the day after the election. Left out in the rain. Forgotten. Someone else’s mess.

6 responses to “Time to Put Up or Shut Up, Tea Party

  1. Anyone who thinks Bachmann and Palin are “tea party heavy weights” has no clue what the tea party is all about.

    here is a clue, the tea party cares little to nothing about the middle, or even about winning anything. The tea party is about doing the right things that lead to a stronger and freer America.

    Besides, the election is over a year and a half away, why would the tea party put a candidate forward now? So the main stream media can start their smear campaign early?

    Patience is a virtue.


    • Thank you for stopping by, Mcoville.
      I still don’t have a clue. What does “a stronger and freer America” mean? And how do you create change in a democracy without winning anything? At some point someone representing the tea party has to state policy, and win on those policies. Slogans might work in commercials, but they don’t constitute a plan for the future.

      And as far as waiting, the first primaries are Feb. 1st, 2012. That’s only about eight months.


    • I would have to say that any political group that wants to create “a stronger and freer America” is required to care about the middle, if we are talking about middle America that is. You can’t establish a stronger and freer America without caring about the core of the American people.

      Also, I would think that although having an official candidate announced would maybe encourage a “smear campaign”, it is not necessary and the media will rip anyone apart to expose them when they feel like it, as long as it boosts ratings of course.


  2. “Rhetoric regurgitation machine,”— I love it
    Irony :
    The original tea party was all about representation, not taxes
    The current tea partiers are all about taxes ,
    forgetting about representation of anyone other than the manipulators from K street with their wide open trough filled with oil gotten gains .


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