Peone Prairie Jewel

Feryn Ranch Conservatory offers a haven for waterfowl.

Update: I recently visited Feryn Ranch again. I added a couple late summer pictures for perspective.


The Feryn Ranch Conservation Area northeast of Spokane offers a glimpse of what the prairie was like before the area was settled by homesteaders in the 1800’s.

C’mon Dad, let’s go.


Nestled between plowed fields and encroaching housing developments, Feryn Ranch C.A. is a 164 acre preserve that offers a home to over 60 species of birds. It also serves as a safe stopover on migratory routes for over 100 species. Anyone interested in birdwatching, or just a pleasant hike with a panoramic backdrop, should take a morning or afternoon to explore this wetland sanctuary. Dogs are permitted as long as they are kept on a leash. Avalon, my newfy mix, accompanied me recently on a morning jaunt through the area. It was raining on and off, which contributed to our solitary yet memorable experience.

Winter reeds.



Trick of the light.