Avalon – Year One

Happy March 19th.


Avalon "Lonnie" Nova Scotia Nelson

Happy Birthday.


 On March 19th I will be celebrating two birthdays. My mother will turn 82 that day and Avalon, my Flat-coated Retriever (a breed derived from Newfoundlands and  Labradors – yes, she’s big and strong), will celebrate her first birthday. I didn’t think my mom would let me take pictures of her playing with a frisbee, chewing on a fence or digging a hole in the back yard, so I published pictures of Lonnie doing those activities instead.

Enjoy your birthdays, ladies.

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4 responses to “Avalon – Year One

  1. Thanks, John, for not exposing my tendency to be gumming on a frizbee.I’m happy to share my birthday with Lonnie. She looks fun loving and bright.—Love, Mom ( almost 82)


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