The Other Big Game – Chelsea vs. Liverpool

Torres leads the Blues against his former team.

Updated 4-26-11: The initial enthusiasm expressed below was somewhat muted by the scoreless games that followed, but against West Ham, Torres finally showed what the non-believers have been waiting for. Number nine took about that many minutes to put his stamp on this match. He scored his first goal in blue, made a lovely assist on another and almost a third as he laced a cross past the defenders swarming on him.  His goal came on a brilliant turn, after losing his pace to a puddle on the soaked pitch, he turned and hit the net corner beyond the helpless keeper. He was roundly mobbed by his teammates, and just as importantly, sealed a victory that keeps Chelsea’s slim hopes alive. Well done Fernando.

On Sunday, millions of fans across America will be watching the Superbowl, but the only football game I’m interested in will be taking place in jolly ‘ol England.

My new favorite Spaniard.

With their recent acquisition of Fernando Torres, Chelsea is ready to make a run for the Champions League trophy, as well as a hopeful defense of their EPL crown. With Man U and Arsenal both failing to garner three points in their latest fixtures, a huge opportunity has presented itself, making this an even bigger game than normal. With Torres making his debut for the Blues against his former team, it’s a must see.

Yes, it says football.

So, as millions gather to drink beer and root for teams they really don’t care about, I will be in my black away jersey cheering on my favorite footballers. Go Chelsea!

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