Yes, I’m Still Working On It …

Just a little glimpse of what I’ve been working on.

Here’s an excerpt from the still very rough draft of my second novel.

River of thought.

As he walked along the river trail, the white-hot air scorched his neck much like the memories searing his heart. A battleship-gray, five person, Miwok raft drifted by, most likely launched at the Argo put in. The weathered guide sat in back, zinc block on her nose. Up front, four pasty tourists sizzled on the thwarts like trout frying in beer batter. He had been a good guide once, got his paddlers through almost without incident. Almost.
Bottles at the bottom of his backpack chimed with every jostle over pointed granite, every scramble over downed spruce. When bottles are full, he thought, they offer a merry sound, flush with gurgling remedy. Even half empty, the remaining liquor makes a playful noise, a tumbling ballet of air bubbles dancing through honey colored liquid, each burst mimicking a turkey gobble. But near their empty end, bottles create a melancholy dirge, exhausted, gasping for air, jealous of the fresh new bottles that are sure to replace them. Their brittle collisions beg destruction, threaten to rip through every fiber of those who possess them. Lately, his bottles seemed more empty than full.
The brazen sun finally relented beyond the western ridge of the canyon’s open funnel. Dusty shadows lengthened in the pseudo dusk that would extend daylight for nearly an hour. He had hoped to make camp at Meadow Creek, but having just passed the old barge at Slim Pickens, there was no chance of making his favored campsite by dark. He eventually surrendered to the horrid reality of stopping at Lost Penny. Adjacent to the rapids, it was the last place he wanted to spend the night. He could face the river in the daylight, but after dark, his demons would rise from the churning water like wicked laughter. His mind, fueled by alcohol and dread, would wrestle with phantom memories all night.

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