I Have Not Been Rendered

Just a very brief note to anyone wondering. I have not been rendered for comments against authority. I am simply in the midst of an extremely heavy writing month and have had little time to post. It seems lately almost every minute has been filled with drinking coffee and eating prose. (You are what you eat.)

Coffee dreams.

I want to offer a quick congratulations to the Eastern Eagles on their shared title in the Big Sky and birth in the sub-division playoffs. At least there is one team in this state that knows how to win consistently.

I won’t be absent much longer. Until then, hang in there all you Nanowrimo’s.


4 thoughts on “I Have Not Been Rendered

  1. BnJ says:

    Just hunker down and enjoy being inside while the white stuff pretties up things outside,( ignore those who wish for more, dustings are fine—) — like we’re doing here , while we await more of that prose whenever it comes along —-try knawing a turkey leg while at it— works for us here in the Issaquah hills —-Bob and Jo


  2. BnJ says:

    There once was a scribe in Colbert,
    whose silence made him seem covert,
    then while downing much coffee
    much prose he’d toss off, he
    found writing was good for what hurts
    when one’s bored
    or ignored
    —–by stuffed shirts —-
    s/ —Sammammish Readers


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