It’s the Great High-Velocity Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

What the?

Autumn is celebrated in many ways, but none more unique than the giant pumpkin cannon at Knapp’s Farm in Greenbluff, WA. Backed with little more than straw packing and 32cfm from a compressor, the chosen pumpkin flies nearly 500 yards towards a would-be target. In  a decade of pumpkin launches, the bullseye has never been hit. They now refer to it as “the safest place on the farm.


Of course, there’s a lot more to Greenbluff’s October celebration than flying produce. We recently enjoyed a beautiful day of hay rides, animals, pumpkin doughnuts, wine and an amazing pesto lasagna. Knapp’s has always been our favorite, but the Trezzi’s authentic cuisine has their vineyard pulling a close second.
The following pictures are a collection of scenes from a memorable afternoon. I hope they bring at least a whiff of hay and tilled soil to your mind’s nostrils.

The cannon.


The target


Pesto central.


Best seat in the house.


My favorite.

More pumpkins

For more information on these farms or Greenbluff in general, visit these websites: and  

5 responses to “It’s the Great High-Velocity Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

  1. Aaahhh, what a treat on this cold dark, wet day , to see those sunny day fun pic’s. —can smell the dry hay, goat , autumn dust now — and almost see that last pumpkin in high flight , headed toward , (well, almost , anyway ) its target —-BnJ


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