I Went to the Animal Fair …



Summer ends with the approaching equinox and all across America, people are enjoying cotton candy, prize-winning pigs and half-ton pumpkins.    

Smell the corn-on-the-cobb?

 It’s fair time.    

Our local version, the Spokane Interstate Fair, provides the backdrop for the following series of shots. I hope you savor the  images, perhaps even catching a wisp of sawdust and barbecue.     

So wipe the elephant ear sugar granules from your cheeks, and for the love of clean sneakers, watch your step.   







Grandstanding weather.




My favorite.

No parking.



Say cheese.



2 responses to “I Went to the Animal Fair …

  1. Hey, summer’s wane, my girth’s gain,great photos make one want to hit the sawdust and bite the scones, aaahhhh , to do it just one more time——-BnJ


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