Not Another Resolution

Many of us view the holiday season as an opportunity to reconnect with family, friends, neighbors. This special time recharges our spiritual batteries, ignites our soul. But we might also find ourselves shirking the duties of everyday living – taking out the garbage, paying bills, shaving. We might even stray from the endeavors we enjoy, such as writing.

I must confess, I’ve been neglecting my family. My second family, the one composed of  plots, opinions, characters. I apologize to the jaded lawyer, the arrogant talk show host, the man who hears God’s whisper. I apologize to the single mom, the mayor and the sculptor. I apologize to the secessionist and the turtle. 

I beg for forgiveness from all the characters I left stranded, waiting for their next sentence, while I indulged in fudge and Kahlua. 


It’s time to reconnect.


2 thoughts on “Not Another Resolution

  1. BOB N JO says:

    —-wishing you happy reunion with your 2nd family and a successfully productive continuing involvement with them —- and may you some time meet with Mr. turtle again and sip some more Kahlua —


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